dimarts, d’agost 10, 2004

Welcome to Catalonia

Hello and welcome to the course!


Blogger Graham said...

Hi anne!

Remember to publish something about your impressions of Catalonia / Barcelona on the weblog


6 d’octubre de 2004 a les 1:19  
Blogger Anne Fleur Vogels said...

Hello everyone!
I hope I´m doing it on a good way to publish the assignment on my own portfolio instead of the classes folio (like I did before)!

The assignment given by Graham on the catalan/spanish feeling of the locals was an interesting assignment! I asked some people what they felt. Beneath are the results....

La primera persona: Is a friend of mine. I met him thru my father. We talk quite a lot about differences between Spain and Holland, or the differences between Spanish and Catalan people. He told me that he feels catalan and spanish, but now that radical. His father is not from Catalunya, his mother is, so he speaks spanish with his father and catalan with his mother. That´s why he feels more spanish than only catalan. He thinks it´s to radical to split Catalunya from the rest of spain.

La segond persona: Was a friend of him. He was really catalan! I never met a person more catalan than he I think! I was joking to him about him being spanish, he got pissed of with me about that. His spanish wasn´t that good as well (he said). He told me he never speaks spanish, only in class sometimes.

La tercer persona: Was a friend of my fathers. I asked him how he felt, more catalan or more spanish. He said he felt more catalan. After that I got a long story why Catalunya should be independent. It was interesting but a little to radical I think.

I hope this was the purpose of the assignment! Sorry to be so late with publishing it.

See you in class, Anne Fleur

17 d’octubre de 2004 a les 21:09  

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